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Urge Incontinence

Urge Incontinence Causes

Urge incontinence results from an overactive bladder, which is due to a problem in the system of filling and emptying the bladder.

Urge Incontinence Definition

Urge incontinence is the condition in which an individual involuntarily losses his or her urine.

Urge Incontinence Diagnosis

The doctor examines the patient's medical history and conducts a complete physical examination that focuses on the abdomen and genitals. The doctor may take a urine sample to test for infection, traces of blood or other abnormalities. The patient may also undergo a neurological exam to identify sensory problems.

Urge Incontinence Symptoms and Signs

Affected individuals unintentionally lose urine immediately after an urgent need to urinate.

Urge Incontinence Treatment

The overactive bladder problem is treated to alleviate the symptoms through behavioral interventions, and medications. Some individuals with severe cases may require surgery.

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