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Urinary Incontinence In Children

Urinary Incontinence In Children Causes

Causes of Urinary incontinence in children includes slow physical development, excessive output of urine when sleeping, anxiety, genetics, obstructive sleep apnea, structural problems, an overactive bladder, infrequent Voiding, and other causes like constipation, drinks or foods containing caffeine

Urinary Incontinence In Children Definition

Urinary incontinence in children is a condition whereby the child is incapable of controlling urination.

Urinary Incontinence In Children Diagnosis

Diagnosis for urinary incontinence in children will include checking of the urinary tracts and bladder to examine the incontinence. It is also done by observing the patient over a period of time.

Urinary Incontinence In Children Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms for urinary incontinence is manifested by way of the childs inability to detect urinary flow and often wets his clothes.

Urinary Incontinence In Children Treatment

There is no need to treat urinary incontinence in children as most cases usually fades away naturally. In some cases though, medications are given as treatment. Medications to increase ADH levels are given like Desmopressin. Imipramine is also given as treatment for sleepwetting.

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