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Vagina Cancer

Vagina Cancer Causes

It isn't clear what exactly causes vaginal cancer, but it is believed to result from certain genetic mutations that lead to the development of malignant growths in the squamous cells lining the surface of the vagina.

Vagina Cancer Definition

Vaginal cancer is a rare form of carcinoma that affects the vagina, or the muscular tube connecting the uterus to the outer genitals. Most cases of vaginal cancer occur in the birth canal.

Vagina Cancer Diagnosis

There are no specific screening tests for vaginal cancer, but it is sometimes detected in routine pelvic exams even before it becomes symptomatic. A pap test, a coloscopy, and a biopsy are also common diagnostic steps in determining vaginal cancer.

Vagina Cancer Symptoms and Signs

In early stages, vaginal cancer may not exhibit any symptoms. As the carcinoma progresses, it may present with the following symptoms: unusual vaginal bleeding; lump or mass growing in the vagina; bleeding after sexual intercourse; watery and foul-smelling vaginal discharges; frequent urination; blood in urine; constipation; and pelvic pain.

Vagina Cancer Treatment

Vaginal cancer is almost always treated with surgery. Surgical options for females with vaginal carcinoma are: removal of small tumors or lesions; vaginectomy or removal of the vagina; as well as pelvic exenteration or removal of the majority of pelvic organs. Radiation therapy, either external radiation or internal radiation, may also be recommended.

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