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Vagina Cancer

Vagina Cancer Causes

Like all other forms of cancer, vagina cancer is caused by a genetic mutation that drastically turns the healthy cells into abnormal cells that tend to multiply rapidly. Early detection is very important to effectively manage and treat vagina cancer.

Vagina Cancer Definition

Vagina cancer is considered to be a very rare form of cancer that affects the vagina, especially the cells that use to line the surface of the vagina or otherwise known as the birth canal. This cancer usually affects women with ages 60 and up and can spread to other parts of the body.

Vagina Cancer Diagnosis

The diagnosis is primarily based on the symptoms, A pelvic exam and colostomy may also be performed. Biopsy should also be done to check a small sample of the tumor really consist of cancer cells.

Vagina Cancer Symptoms and Signs

In the early stages of vaginal cancer, there are no detectable symptoms. However, as the cancer progressions, signs may include frequent urination, constipation, pelvic pain, mass or lump in the vagina, as well as watery vaginal discharges.

Vagina Cancer Treatment

Before any treatment approach is made, it is important to determine the underlying causes of cancer as well as the type and the stage of the cancer. Most often, a surgical procedure is performed to remove any small tumors and lesions or the entire vagina even. Radiation therapy may also be required.

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