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Vaginal Fistula

Vaginal Fistula Causes

It is said to be cause by infection and injury to the pelvic region.

Vaginal Fistula Definition

Vaginal Fistula is an abnormal fistulous tract that is between the bladder and the vagina which is usually allows the continuous involuntary discharge of the urine into the vaginal vault.

Vaginal Fistula Diagnosis

Diagnosis is made through the use of dye tests, cyctoscopy, retrograde pyelograms, fistulagrams and imaging examination such as MRI, CT scan and Ultrasound.

Vaginal Fistula Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes urine leakage, incontinence, vaginal discharge, flack pain, pelvic pain and abdominal pain.

Vaginal Fistula Treatment

Treatment includes vaginal fistulas, laparoscopic surgery through the abdomen or vagina.

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