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Vasovagal Attack

Vasovagal Attack Causes

Vasovagal Attack is said to be caused by an the over-activity of the vagus nerve. e condition is brought on by over-activity of the vagus nerve.

Vasovagal Attack Definition

Vasovagal Attack otherwise known as the vasovagal reaction, is medical term used to described the reflex of the involuntary system that usually results into the slow down of the heart and the dilating of the vessels which caused the lessening of the oxygen supply in the brain.

Vasovagal Attack Diagnosis

Diagnosis is made through personal examination of the person as well as undergoing blood tests and monitoring blood pressure.

Vasovagal Attack Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes general weakness, disturbance in the person's vision, unusual sweating, nausea, dizziness, fainting, low blood pressure and fever.

Vasovagal Attack Treatment

Treatment includes administration of medicines that are design to relax the vessels, resting and oxygen therapy.

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