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Vater Association

Vater Association Causes

There is no specific genetic or chromosome problem has been said to be linked with Vacterl Association but it can be seen more with person having some chromosomal defects such as Trisonomy 18 and occurring more frequently in babies with diabetic mothers.

Vater Association Definition

Vater Syndrome, sometimes called Vacterl Association, refers to the non-random association ofv ertebral anomalies, anal atresia, cardiovascular anomalies, tracheoesophageal fistula, esophageal atresia, renal and/or radial anomalies and Preaxial limb anomalies (Weaver, David and Brandt, Ira (1999). Catalog of Prenatally Diagnosed Codition, JHU Press, pp. 248). More specifically , it refers to the abnormalities in structures deduce from the embryonic mesoderm.

Vater Association Diagnosis

Since there is no biologic marker for Vater Association, the diagnosis is made by documenting component anomalies. Severe anorectal, cardiac tracheoesophageal and limb defects will present with obvious signs or symptoms but milder anomalies of these systems plus vertebral or renal defects may require laboratory and imaging studies for diagnosis (Wilson, Golder and Cooley, Carl (2006). Preventive Management for Children with Genetic Conditions, Cambridge University Press, p. 102)

Vater Association Symptoms and Signs

There are exactly no specific symptoms linked to this kind of birth defect inasmuch as each infant having this kind of disease can be different from the other who is also suffering the same kind of condition. Usually infants having the Vater Syndrome are born unusually small and have problem gaining weight. However, babies with this kind of rare condition tend to have a normal development and normal intelligence. The Vater Syndrome is often link to conditions such as the Kippel Feil and Goldenhar Syndrome including the crossovers of conditions.

Vater Association Treatment

Infants with this kind of condition is treated after birth with features being addresses one at a time. Thus, its treatment would depend on what feature of the condition is prevalent at birth. For example in cases of babies having anal defects as feature of the vater association, most commonly the doctors will take note of such condition and often will suggest and even require surgery on the first day of life inasmuch as sometimes,it will require several surgeries to fully reconstruct the intestines and anal canal of the infant. However, some feature of the Vater Association need not require surgery like those manifesting esophageal defects and those infants with vertebral anomalies although it may put the child at risk for developing scoliosis or the curving of the spine in the future.

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