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Vincent's Stomatitis

Vincent's Stomatitis Causes

The mouth is naturally teeming with organisms. This includes viruses, fungi, and bacteria. In the case of a Vincent's stomatitis, the harmful bacteria go out of hand and proliferate in number.

Vincent's Stomatitis Definition

Vincent's stomatitis is more commonly known as Trench mouth, which has been known to be quite prevalent among soldiers who were are stuck during the World War I in the trenches. This is caused by a severe form of gingitivis caused by poor living conditions and poor nutrition.

Vincent's Stomatitis Diagnosis

The disease can be easily diagnosed through dental examination. In some cases, x-rays are used to determine the extent of the infection and the degree of tissue damage.

Vincent's Stomatitis Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms of Vincent's stomatitis include painful gums, bleeding of the gums at the slightest pressure, gray films, bad breath, fever, swollen lymph nodes, foul taste in the mouth and pain when eating and swallowing.

Vincent's Stomatitis Treatment

The treatment for this condition includes medications that will inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent the infection from spreading. Pain relievers are also given to help relieve pain. Patients are advised to resume good hygiene habits.

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