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Vitamin B Deficiency

Vitamin B Deficiency Causes

Vitamin B deficiency is said to be caused by less intake of vitamin B, impaired absorption of vitamin B , and even diabetes.

Vitamin B Deficiency Definition

Vitamin B Deficiency is a medical condition whereby the person fail to consume the minimum requirement that a body need for vitamin B. It can lead to a lot of medical condition among which are abnormal neurologic and psychiatric symptoms.

Vitamin B Deficiency Diagnosis

Diagnosis is made through physical examination and routine monitoring of the methylmalonic acid levels in urine.

Vitamin B Deficiency Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes decreased mental work capacity, decreased in concentration and memory, irritability, depression, tiredness, weakness, numbness and tingling of extremities.

Vitamin B Deficiency Treatment

Treatment includes taking vitamin B supplements and changing diet that is rich in vitamin B.

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