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Vitamin C Deficiency

Vitamin C Deficiency Causes

Vitamin C Deficiency is said to be caused by not eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C..

Vitamin C Deficiency Definition

Vitamin C deficiency otherwise known as scurvy, is the medical condition whereby there is less intake of Vitamin C that the body needs for protection against infections.

Vitamin C Deficiency Diagnosis

Diagnosis is made through plasma or the leukocytes vitamin C level and blood tests.

Vitamin C Deficiency Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms include shortness of breathing, pain in the bone, myalagias, roughness of the skin, bruising, petechiae, gum disease, poor wound healing, changes in emotion, dry mouth and eyes, jaundice, fever and convulsions.

Vitamin C Deficiency Treatment

Treatment includes administration of ascorbic acid supplements, and changing into a diet that is rich in vitamin C.

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