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vitamin Deficiency Anemia

vitamin Deficiency Anemia Definition

If a human body lacks certain vitamins, the person develops anemia, in which case the healthy blood red cells are abnormally low. This is called the vitamin deficiency anemia that causes lack of oxygen in the body since the red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to the rest of the body.

vitamin Deficiency Anemia Diagnosis

Vitamin-deficiency anemia is usually diagnosed through a blood test to determine what particular vitamin the body is deficient of. Other types off test that include antibody tests, schilling test and methylmalonic acid test.

vitamin Deficiency Anemia Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms include sore tongue and mouth, pale skin, loss of appetite, numbness, mental confusion, diarrhea, and muscle weakness. This time of deficiency are sometimes very slow to develop and can be subtle at first and worsens as the deficiency increases.

vitamin Deficiency Anemia Treatment

Since this medical condition is primarily to provide supplements for the anemia. This includes vitamin supplements, as well as changes in the diet.

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