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Waardenburg Syndrome Type 2

Waardenburg Syndrome Type 2 Definition

Waardenburg Syndrome type 2 otherwise known as the WS2 is also one of the most common type of Waardenburg Syndrome that is characterized by deafness and abnormality in the structure which usually occur from the neutral crest. It was first identified in 1971 and used to describe a situation where the dystopia canthorum was not present (Arias S (1971). "Genetic heterogeneity in the Waardenburg syndrome". Birth Defects Orig. Artic. Ser. 07 (4): 87-101). Waardenburg Syndrome 2 has a sub-classification namely WS2A and WS2B, which are based on the causative gene involved. Its' symptoms includes moderate to profound hearing impairment. WS2 appears to be inherited as an autosomal recessive pattern where in there must be two copies of the altered gene for a person to be affected. There is no treatment for this type of Waardenburg Syndrome.

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