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Wagner's Disease

Wagner's Disease Causes

Wagner's Disease is a disorder that is inherited or autosomal dominant and involves central liquefaction of the vitreous body (Lang, G. and Amann, J. (2000) Opthalmology: A Short Textbook, p. 293).

Wagner's Disease Definition

Wagner's Disease is rare familial eye disease or disorder of the connective tissue in the eye that eventually causes blindness. It is frequently confused with the Sticler's syndrome but just lacks the feature of high incidence of retinal detachments.

Wagner's Disease Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes examination of the examination of medical history of the person including the family history of disease since the Wagner's disease is an inherited disease. Examination of craniofacial surgeons, ear/nose and throat specialists also confirmed the disease.

Wagner's Disease Symptoms and Signs

Since Wagner's Syndrome is often equated to the Stickler's Syndrome, the symptoms of the latter disease may manifest in the Wagner's Syndrome but lacks the incidence of retinal detachments. However, some people with this kind of disorder is asymptomatic.

Wagner's Disease Treatment

Treatment includes medication and procedure advised by an opthalmologists, audiologists and rheumatologists.

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