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Wandering Spleen

Wandering Spleen Causes

The wandering spleen is said to be caused by the loss or weakening of the ligaments which are responsible in holding the spleen.

Wandering Spleen Definition

Wandering spleen otherwise known as the Pelvic spleen is a rare medical disease that is often linked to the loss or the weakening of the ligaments that help hold the spleen.

Wandering Spleen Diagnosis

Inasmuch as there is really no obvious manifestation of the disease except in cases of abdominal pain, the diagnosis is often hard and may be made only through medical imaging techniques such as medical ultrasonography, magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography.

Wandering Spleen Symptoms and Signs

It usually lacks visible symptoms however it may be associated to the unusual loss or weakening or even malformation of the ligaments due to the enlargement of the spleen or the change from the spleen's original position to another location usually in either other parts of the abdomen or into the pelvis. It may also be manifest through the presence of spleen-related disease such as hypersplenism, thrombocytopenia and lympoma (Hasan Alawi, Malak; Ahmad Khalifa, Sami Hassan Bana (October-December 2005). Wandering Spleen: A Challenging Diagnosis (PDF). Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences. Open Publishing).

Wandering Spleen Treatment

The Wandering spleen is usually treated through laparoscopic surgery inasmuch as there is possibility of blocked arteries in the spleen. It also includes splenopexy, fixation of the spleen or through detorsion then splenectomy if there is no blood flow after unwinding the spleen.

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