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Warkany Syndrome

Warkany Syndrome Causes

It is said to be caused by chromosome aberrations.

Warkany Syndrome Definition

Warkany Syndrome or other wise known as the Trisomy 8 is an aberration in the chromosome that causes severe effects on the fetus. It is often observed in person with chronic myeloid leukaemia which may be a result of instability of the karyotype which is probably due to bcr:abl fusion gene. The Warkany Syndrome is discovered by Joseph Warkany.

Warkany Syndrome Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes physical as well as laboratory examinations.

Warkany Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

It symptoms includes the retardation especially in psychomotor development, mental retardation, short stature, eye abnormalities and anomalies (Riccardi VM (1977). "Trisomy 8: an international study of 70 patients". Birth Defects Orig. Artic. Ser. 13 (3C): 171-84).

Warkany Syndrome Treatment

There is no known treatment for Warkany Syndrome especially the trisomy 8 mosaicism. Treatment for miscarriage is advised however for those which has complete trisomy 8 inasmuch as it often results to miscarriage.

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