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Whiplash Causes

The primary cause whiplash is the straining of the ligaments and neck muscles. This can be brought about by auto accidents, amusement park rides, collisions and trauma to the neck.

Whiplash Definition

Whiplash is characterized as one of the most common neck injury that is usually a result of a rear-end collisions on automobile when the head suddenly jerks back and forward. This extreme motion can cause the ligaments and the muscles to move out of its range.

Whiplash Diagnosis

Doctors can usually determine the diagnosis by founding out the cause of the injury. Additional diagnostic tests include x-rays, MRI and CT scan to detect any possible vertebral fractures, arthritis or dislocations.

Whiplash Symptoms and Signs

Whiplash symptoms can manifest immediately after the car injury. It can aloes develop after several days or so. Symptoms include dizziness, headaches, pain in the shoulder, blurred vision, memory problems, irritability, fatigue, sleep disturbance and ringing in the ears.

Whiplash Treatment

Pain relievers are the primary form of medications to help alleviate the pain. Hot and cold compress can also help the muscles and exercise to relieve stress and inflammation. In severe cases, an injection of lidocaine or corticosteroid may be administered to numb the pain and allow the patient to perform exercises that can help speed up recovery.

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