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Whitemore Disease

Whitemore Disease Causes

Whitemore disease is caused by the bacteria Burkhoideria pseudomallei. The bacterial strain is acquired through dust particles that enter open wounds as well as the nails. It can also be cultured and be used as a means for biological warfare.

Whitemore Disease Definition

Whitemore disease, also known as melioidosis, is a contagious illness similar to glanders disease. It is caused by the bacterium Burkhoideria pseudomallei. This disease is endemic in Southeast Asia, South America and some parts of Australia.

Whitemore Disease Diagnosis

The disease can be diagnosed based on the symptoms shown by the patient, as well as by community indexing during an outbreak.

Whitemore Disease Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of the disease include bronchitis, fever, and loss of appetite, chest pains, cough and some skin infections. In the advanced stages of Whitemore disease, complications in the liver, brain, heart and kidneys become evident.

Whitemore Disease Treatment

The disease is treated by a set of appropriate antibiotics in order to eliminate the bacteria from infesting the body.

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