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X-Linked Ichthyosis

X-Linked Ichthyosis Causes

X-linked ichthyosis is caused by the deficiency of an sulfatase which is an enzyme that is found in the body and are most important and necessary to the skin.

X-Linked Ichthyosis Definition

X-linked ichthyosis is a heriditary skin condition which is due to the deficiency of the steroid sulfatase. During prenatal, the X-linked ichthyosis is a condition that affects the placental oestrogen production inasmuch as the steroids from the male fetus are not fully utilize because of the difficulty in the removal of the sulfate group. People with this kind of disorder has low estriol levels and results in to the inability to go into spontaneous labor.

X-Linked Ichthyosis Diagnosis

Diagnosis inludes genetic testing and examination from a dermatologist (J?bsis AC, De Groot WP, Tigges AJ, et al (1980). "X-linked ichthyosis and X-linked placental sulfatase deficiency: a disease entity. Histochemical observations". Am. J. Pathol. 99 (2): 279-89).

X-Linked Ichthyosis Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes lack of enzyme which causes excessive dryness of the skin, or the skin appearing to be scaly and cracked.

X-Linked Ichthyosis Treatment

Currently, there is no known treatment for the X-linked ichthyosis condition. However, treatment varies on the symptoms as they exists. Skin smoothening and relieving other symptoms like dryness and cracking of the skin may be done through the use of Lactic Acid containing lotions and creams.

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