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Xanthine Oxydase Deficiency

Xanthine Oxydase Deficiency Causes

Xanthine oxydase deficiency is said to be an inherited deficiency.

Xanthine Oxydase Deficiency Definition

Xanthine oxydase deficiency otherwise known as the Xanthinuria, is a genetic disorder which causes deficiency of xanthine oxidase which is an enzyme that is needed for converting the xanthine to uric acid.

Xanthine Oxydase Deficiency Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes examination of family history and certain medical tests.

Xanthine Oxydase Deficiency Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes unusually high concentrations of xanthine in the blood and urine which can lead to renal problems and a xanthine kidney stones (Hille R. (2006). "Structure and Function of Xanthine Oxidoreductase" European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2006 (10), 1905-2095).

Xanthine Oxydase Deficiency Treatment

Currently, there is no treatment available. However, there are treatment and maintenance needed to keep a balance fluid in the body and avoiding high purine foods.

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