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Y Chromosome Deletions

Y Chromosome Deletions Causes

It is said to be caused by the mutation of different Y-chromosome, especially its deletion. This condition is said to be inherited.

Y Chromosome Deletions Definition

Y chromosome microdeletion or YCM for brevity is a genetic disorder that is caused by missing gene in the chromosome Y.

Y Chromosome Deletions Diagnosis

Diagnosis of the Y chromosome microdeletion is through extracting DNA leukocytes in a man's blood sample and mixing it with a genetic marker and thereafter used the polymerase chain reaction amplification and gel electrophoresis.

Y Chromosome Deletions Symptoms and Signs

Usually men with the medical condition of YCM may exhibit no symptoms however when YCM is present the most common effect or sign is their reduced fertility (Krausz, Csilla; Lluis Quintana-Murci and Ken McElreavey (July 2000). Prognostic Value of Y Deletion Analysis. Human Reproduction 15 (7) 1431-1434)

Y Chromosome Deletions Treatment

Treatment includes genetic testing for the Chromosome Y to developed.

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