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Yaws Causes

Yaws is said to be caused by the caused by the spirochete bacterium name as Treponema Pertenue.

Yaws Definition

Yaws otherwise known as the P?tasse tropica, or the thymosis, the polypapilloma tropicum or the pian is an infection of the skin, bones and joints.

Yaws Diagnosis

Confirmation of the medical disease is identified through blood tests or by lesion sample by using the darkfield examination through the microscope. ( World Health Organization, World Health Organization (1997) WHO Model Prescribing Information: Drugs Used in Skin Diseases p.26).

Yaws Symptoms and Signs

Its symptoms includes the presence of mother yaw ulcer which may show as nodules or keloid formations that can cause deformities and contracture of the limbs.

Yaws Treatment

Treatment includes administration of penicillin, erythromycin or tetracycline.

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