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Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever Causes

Yellow Fever is said to be caused by an an arbovirus belonging to the family of Flaviviridae which is a gram positive single stranded RNA virus. Depositions of viral particles in the skin by a n anthrophod saliva causes the human infection.

Yellow Fever Definition

Yellow fever otherwise known as the yellow jack, the black vomit or the vomito negro, or the American Plague, is a viral and acute disease (Schmaljohn AL, McClain D. (1996 isbn= 0-9631172-1-1). Alphaviruses (Togaviridae) and Flaviviruses (Flaviviridae). In: Baron's Medical Microbiology (Baron S et al, eds.), 4th ed., Univ of Texas Medical Branch).

Yellow Fever Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes the medical examination especially blood tests.

Yellow Fever Symptoms and Signs

Jaundice symptoms appears in patients with this kind of disease, thus the term yellow.

Yellow Fever Treatment

In as much as there is no known cure for the disease Yellow Fever, threatment therefore will focus more on the symptoms as they manifests. Fluid replacement, blood transfusion and dialysis in case of severe conditions.

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