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Yolk Sac Tumor

Yolk Sac Tumor Causes

It is usually cause by a malignant endodermal cells which express alpha-fetoprotein.

Yolk Sac Tumor Definition

Yolk sac tumor, YST for brevity, and which is otherwise known as the Endodermal sinus tumor or the infantile embryonal carcinoma, is a type of germ cell tumor group of cancers and is said to be common to children under three years old.

Yolk Sac Tumor Diagnosis

Diagnosis includes biopsy and AFT test results for EST. Furthermore, a GATA-4 or transcription factor is also used to confirm the disease (Siltanen S, Anttonen M, Heikkil? P, Narita N, Laitinen M, Ritvos O, Wilson DB, Heikinheimo M (1999). "Transcription factor GATA-4 is expressed in pediatric yolk sac tumors.". Am. J. Pathol. 155 (6): 1823-9).

Yolk Sac Tumor Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms includes the occurrence of a benign but malignant endodermal sinus tumor.

Yolk Sac Tumor Treatment

Treatments includes surgery and chemotherapy.

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