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  1. Parkinson's Disease
    Parkinson's disease is likewise called Parkinson disease which is described as a degenerative disorder involving the central nervous system. Because of this, the sufferer's motor skills and way of speaking are affected. This disorder is classified under the movement disorders group. This disorder is also chronic and progressive in nature. [read more]

  2. Parkinsonism
    Parkinsonism is also known in many other terms. It is known as secondary Parkinson's, atypical Parkinson's, or Parkinson's syndrome. This is a neurological syndrome often manifested by postural instability, tremor, rigidity, hypokinesia. [read more]

  3. Paronychia
    Paronychia is also very commonly called bacterial nail infection. It is charaaterized by an inflammation of the finger or toe region called the proximal nail fold where the nail plate originated. The inflammation due to infection occurs in a short perod of time but in some cases may occur longer and at times reoccurs or chronic in nature. [read more]

  4. Parotid Gland Cancer
    Parotid gland cancer pertains to a type of cancer affecting the parotid gland, the biggest of the salivary glands, which primarily produce saliva and release it into the mouth. [read more]

  5. Parotitis
    Parotitis pertains to the inflammation of either one or both parotid glands, which are the largest of all salivary glands located on either side of the face. The parotid glands are chiefly responsible for producing saliva which they then release into the mouth. [read more]

  6. Paroxysmal Cold Hemoglobinuria
    Paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria is also termed as Donath-Landsteiner syndrome. This is a disease usually affecting humans and is characterized by abrupt presence of the hemoglobinuria in urine especially after being exposed to very cold temperatures. [read more]

  7. Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria
    Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria is a very rare disease. This often acquired and can be life-threatening for the patient. Patients with Parxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria is likely to suffer from anemia caused by the destruction of the red blood cells, red urine caused by the presence of hemoglobin in the urine, and also suffer thrombosis. [read more]

  8. Parry-Romberg Syndrome
    Parry-Romberg syndrome is also sometimes called Romberg syndrome. This is a rare and incurable craniofacial disorder. The characteristics of which is slow atrophy of the muscle under the skin covering usually half of the face area usually occuring to females between the age group from 5 to 15. [read more]

  9. Partial lung collapse
    Partial lung collapse is described as a condition where in the lung, partially or entirely is malformed or without air. Alveoli are deflated which is different from pulmonary consolidation. [read more]

  10. Parturiphobia
    Parturiphobia is also known as Tokophobia, which is the fear of childbirth or giving birth. Other terms for Partuphobia also include tocophobia. It is found normal for first time mothers to develop this fear since they find it really a life-threatening process. While it is true to be a life-threatening process some mothers really feel that they will really suffer during childbirth and aren't sure it they could withstand it. [read more]

  11. Paruresis
    Paruresis is also known as bashful bladder, pee shyness, urophobia, shy kidney, or shy bladder syndrome. This is a type of fear in which the patient fails to urinate in the presence of other people like in public restroom. It is known to affect both the males and females. [read more]

  12. Parvovirus Infection
    Parvovirus infection is a viral infection that usually occurs in children and characterized by the bright red rashes on the cheeks. It is also known as erythema infectiosum, the ?Slapped-cheek disease? and the ?fifth disease?. [read more]

  13. Pasteurellosis
    It is an infection that is caused by a species of the bacteria genus Pasteurella that is found in animals and humans. The bacteria are carried in the mouth and respiratory tract of animals and humans. [read more]

  14. Patau Syndrome
    Patau syndrome is also called trisomy 13. This is an abnormality in the chromosome in which a person has an extra chromosome 13. This condition is often inherited by the sufferers. [read more]

  15. Patellar Tendinitis
    Patellar tendinitis is an injury that affects the tendon connecting your kneecap (patella) to your shinbone. The patellar tendon has a pivotal role in the way you use your legs. It helps your muscles extend your lower leg so that someone can kick a ball, push the pedals on your bicycle and jump up in the air. [read more]

  16. Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
    Patellofemoral pain syndrome is a common knee problem. If someone experiences this condition, you feel pain under and around your kneecap. The pain could get worse when you're active or when you sit for a long time. The pain could be in one or both knees. [read more]

  17. Patellofemoral Syndrome
    Patellofemoral syndrome is common muscular condition in which chronic pain under the kneecap is felt. [read more]

  18. Patent Ductus Arteriosus
    Patent ductus arteriosus is heart defect evident upon birth. The condition manifests when the ductus arteriosus of the child's heart fails to close right after birth. [read more]

  19. Patent Foramen Ovale
    Patent foramen ovale is a condition wherein the flap-like opening which naturally develops in the septum in the heart of an unborn, and which should close weeks or months after a baby is born, remains open. [read more]

  20. Pathological Gambling
    Pathological gambling is an impulse control disorder wherein the afflicted is unable to resist the urge to gamble, leading to severe consequences. [read more]

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