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Diseases, Illnesses & Ailments Starting from Letter Y

  1. Y Chromosome Deletions
    Y chromosome microdeletion or YCM for brevity is a genetic disorder that is caused by missing gene in the chromosome Y. [read more]

  2. Yaws
    Yaws otherwise known as the P?tasse tropica, or the thymosis, the polypapilloma tropicum or the pian is an infection of the skin, bones and joints. [read more]

  3. Yeast Infection
    Yeast infection is medically known as candidiasis it is an infection caused by fungi of any of the Candida species where in the most common type is the Candida albicans. Yeast infection can range from superficial to systemic which can be a dangerous disease. [read more]

  4. Yellow Fever
    Yellow fever otherwise known as the yellow jack, the black vomit or the vomito negro, or the American Plague, is a viral and acute disease (Schmaljohn AL, McClain D. (1996 isbn= 0-9631172-1-1). Alphaviruses (Togaviridae) and Flaviviruses (Flaviviridae). In: Baron's Medical Microbiology (Baron S et al, eds.), 4th ed., Univ of Texas Medical Branch). [read more]

  5. Yellow Nail Syndrome
    Yellow nail syndrome is a medical condition which includes the pleural effusions, lymphoedema, discoloration of the nails. [read more]

  6. Yersinia
    Yersinia is a gram-negative rod-shaped genus of bacteria belonging to the family Enterobacteriaceae. They are usually a few micrometers in length and fractions of a micrometer in diameter. The natural reservoirs of Yersinia are rodents and, though less likely, other mammals. In humans, some species of Yersinia are pathogenic and cause infections through the blood or via the alimentary tract. Yersiniosis is the name of the disease caused by Yersinia in humans. [read more]

  7. Yersinia Pestis
    Yersinia pestis otherwise known as the Pasteurella pestis is a gram-negative facultative and anaerobic bipolar staining that makes it look as a safety pin bacteria which belongs to the family of Enterobacteriaceae (Collins FM (1996). Pasteurella, Yersinia, and Francisella. In: Baron's Medical Microbiology (Baron S et al, eds.), 4th ed., Univ of Texas Medical Branch). Yersinia Pestive have three distinct forms namely: the bubonic, the pneumonic, and the septicemic plague. [read more]

  8. Yersiniosis
    Yersiniosis is an infectious disease that is caused by the bacteria belonging to the genus Yersinia. More often the most particular form of Yersiniosis which affects young children the Yersinia Enterocolitica. Its symptoms depends on the age of the infected person but commonly, it includes fever, abdominal pain and bloody diarrhea. [read more]

  9. Yips
    Yips are characterized as a sudden and involuntary jerk or tremor that affects the wrists and hands. This condition is more commonly found among golfers and can interrupt a putting stroke. In some cases, yips can be associated with a neurological dysfunction that affects certain muscle groups. [read more]

  10. Yolk Sac Tumor
    Yolk sac tumor, YST for brevity, and which is otherwise known as the Endodermal sinus tumor or the infantile embryonal carcinoma, is a type of germ cell tumor group of cancers and is said to be common to children under three years old. [read more]

  11. Young Simpson Syndrome
    Young Simpson Syndrome or YSS for brevity, is an unusual congenital disorder discovered in 1987. Manifestation of the Syndrome includes hypothyroidism, heart defects, facial dysmorphism, cryptorchidism in males, hypothyroidism and even mental retardation and torticollis. It is said that these symptoms are similar to those of the Ohdo Blepharophimosis syndrome. Theories varies regarding the Yound Simpson Syndrome's mode of inheritance. One group suggests that is is through an autosomal recessive inheritance while another group says its is not. [read more]

  12. Young Syndrome
    Young's syndrome is a condition of combined syndromes such as bronchiectasis, rhinosinusitis, and reduced fertility. It is also referred to as Azoospermia sinopulmonary infections, Sinusitis-infertility syndrome, and Barry-Perkins-Young syndrome. [read more]

  13. Yunis Varon Syndrome
    Yunis-Varon syndrome is a congenital disorder that affects the skeletal system, ectodermal tissue, and cardiorespiratory systems. [read more]

  14. Yusho Disease
    Yusho disease, which literally means oil disease, is due to PCB poisoning. In 1968, a mass poisoning caused by PCBs occurred in northern Kyushu, Japan. A similar case that occurred in Taiwan was known as Yu-Cheng disease. [read more]

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