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Diseases, Illnesses & Ailments Starting from Letter F

  1. Fazio Londe Syndrome
    Fazio Londe syndrome is an uncommon hereditary ?motor neuron' disorder found in young adults and children. The disease is distinguished by progressive weakness of the muscle that ultimately results to untimely death. Neuromuscular transmission in these muscles might be abnormal due to immature reinervation and rapid denervation. The disease can progress to an affected person's death in as short as nine months, or can have slow evolution. [read more]

  2. Febrile Convulsions
    Febrile convulsions are a kind of convulsion that last only a few minutes. Unlike epileptic convulsions, febrile convulsions are not dangerous. They are caused by body reactions towards infections. They do exhibit the same characteristics as other seizures, such as labored breathing, drooling and clenched teeth. [read more]

  3. Febrile seizure
    Febrile seizure usually happens in young kids and babies and it is because of high body temperature and fever. Luckily, when a child or a baby experiences febrile seizure it does not result to damage in the brain or any severe complications. Although, a baby that has febrile seizure should be attended immediately by a physician because the baby has a serious fever in this case. Even though the baby has a fever he need not be admitted but the physician must closely monitor the condition of the baby. [read more]

  4. Fecal Impaction
    Fecal impaction is the medical term used to describe a solid bulk of stool due to chronic constipation. [read more]

  5. Fecal Incontinence
    The inability to take control of bowel movements which causes the stool to drip from the rectum unexpectedly [read more]

  6. Fecal Incontinence
    Fecal incontinence or Bowel incontinence is the loss of bowel control, resulting in involuntary passage of stool. This can range from an occasional leakage of stool with the passage of gas, to a complete loss of control of bowel movements. [read more]

  7. Feer Disease
    Feer disease, or Swift-Feer disease, refers to mercury poisoning. It is an illness caused by long-term exposure to the metal mercury. This can lead serious health problems in the different body organs such as the liver and gastrointestinal tract. [read more]

  8. Feingold Syndrome
    Feingold syndrome is an extremely uncommon syndrome with several congenital anomalies. The syndrome is characterized largely by gastrointestinal abnormalities, toe and finger deformities, eye abnormities, and a small head. The features of the syndrome share considerable overlap with Vacterl and Vater connections, particularly patients that have esophageal/duodenal atresia. [read more]

  9. Feline Spongiform Encephalopathy
    Feline spongiform encephalopathy is one of the three kinds of Prion diseases that greatly affect humans and animals. It is a contagious disease that triggers the brain's function, making patients exhibit unusual, uncontrollable behaviors. This can be a fatal disease when not immediately treated. Other forms of Prion diseases include mad cow disease, mink encephalopathy, and the bovine spongiform encephalopathy. It is also called ?laughing disease?. [read more]

  10. Felty's Syndrome
    Felty's syndrome is a result of long-standing rheumatoid arthritis. It is characterized by the presence of rheumatoid arthritis, an enlarged spleen, and low white blood cell count. [read more]

  11. Female Carrier ALD
    Female carrier ALD is an X-linked disorder which affected females carry and transmitted to males. Only males are affected by the disease. ALD stands for adrenoleukodystrophy, a rare genetic defect that deteriorates the adrenal glands. Advanced stages of ALD can cause demyelation of the brain's white matter. [read more]

  12. Female Infertility
    Female infertility accounts for about 40-50 percent of all infertile couples. [read more]

  13. Female Pseudo Turner Syndrome
    Female Pseudo-Turner Syndrome, also known as Noonan syndrome, is a rare hereditary disorder that is usually detected once the patient is born. [read more]

  14. Female Pseudohermaphroditism
    Female pseudohermaphroditism is a type of pseudohermaphroditism wherein the affected person is an inherent and ?gonadal' female having partial masculinization. Pseudohermaphroditism is a condition where the affected individual has gonads of one sex, but there's one or more existing contradictions in its morphologic sex criteria. In the case of female pseudohermaphroditism, a person has normal ovary development, internal reproductive tract, and XX karyotype, but they have virilized external or ambiguous genitalia. [read more]

  15. Female Sexual Dysfunction
    Sexual dysfunction in women may involve a reduction in sex drive, a strong dislike of sexual activity, difficulty becoming aroused, inability to achieve orgasm, or pain with sexual activity or intercourse. [read more]

  16. Feminisation
    Feminisation is a medical condition where physical as well as behavioral female characteristics develop. This becomes an abnormality when the process takes place after sexual differentiation. It can be induced by genetic as well as environmental conditions. [read more]

  17. Fetal alcohol Syndrome
    A mother that drinks alcohol during her pregnancy may expose her fetus and may place her baby to a condition of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).Negative effects vary from one child to another; severe effects can include serious physical, mental and behavioral problems. [read more]

  18. Fetal Diethylstilbestrol Syndrome
    Fetal diethylstilbestrol syndrome is an extremely uncommon syndrome that occurs when a pregnant woman is exposed to a synthetic estrogen called diethylstilbestrol during her pregnancy. Diethylstilbestrol is used for the prevention of complications while pregnant, such as prematurity and miscarriage. Diethylstilbestrol ingestion during pregnancy may lead to cancerous birth defects in daughters of exposed mothers. The defect may not be obvious until the female child reaches maturity. [read more]

  19. Fetal Face Syndrome
    Fetal face syndrome, also known as Robinow dwarfism, is a rare genetic disorder that is characterized by the infant's short stature due to postnatal growth retardation/ [read more]

  20. Fetal Hydantoin Syndrome
    Fetal hydantoin syndrome is an uncommon disorder that's caused by fetal exposure to an anticonvulsant medicine known as phenytoin or Dilantin. Dilantin is a drug commonly administered for treating epilepsy, and approximately one-third of the offspring of mothers who took the drug while pregnant developed minor limb and face defects. Some showed developmental delay, mental retardation, and growth problems. [read more]

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